Celestion T-Numbers Reference List

Celestion T-Numbers Reference List

All Celestion speakers have a model number denoting their specification, usually beginning with the letter T.

The reference list below has been compiled from various sources, but does not contain every Celestion speaker ever made. I have tried to keep it focused on 12″ guitar speaker models.

Share your T-numbers!

If you know of any T-numbers that are missing from the list, or see anything that needs altering, then please email me, or add a comment at the bottom of the page, and I will update the list accordingly when time permits. Guitar speakers only please.

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, with special thanks to the members of The Marshall Amp Forum and ‘GIBSON67’ in particular for his huge list.

Please remember that Celestion speakers evolved through the years, so certain details such as cone stamps and other part numbers, may be different depending on when the speaker was made.

The list is now searchable and sortable. Click a heading to sort by that column, or use the search box to find your speaker model. Enjoy!

ModelTypeMagnetOhmsBrief Description
133544 or P44Alnico3 OhmP44 - 1.5" coil, 10,000 gauss magnet, 10 watts, smooth cone audio/hifi speaker
177274 or P74Alnico15 Ohm12,000 gauss, 12 watts, ribbed cone audio/hifi speaker
177244 or P44Alnico15 OhmP44 - as 1335 but 15 Ohm
CT3757 or 3757G12   Alnico8 Ohmprecursor to T530, designed for vox guitar amplifiers
B024G12Alnico8 Ohmsprayed silver with no cover, RIC1 cone
B025G12Alnico15 Ohmas B024 but 15 Ohm
T530 or T0530G12Alnico8 OhmAs CT3757 sprayed blue with H1668 cover
T565 or T0565G12Alnico?Westrex made - as T530 with RIC2 cone
T590 or T0590G12Alnico?As T530 fitted with H6025 transformer
T635 or T0635G12Alnico?As T530 but silver hammer finish & celestion label (instead of vox)
T637 or T0637G12Alnico?Mr.Britain G.E.C - ???
T641 or T0641G12Alnico?As T530 sprayed "Selmer" gold
T650 or T0650G12Alnico8 OhmAs T530 without cover, sprayed silver
T652 or T0652G12Alnico15 OhmAs T650 but 15 Ohm
T658 or T0658G12Alnico16 OhmAs T530 sprayed silver hammer
T680 or T0658G12Alnico15 OhmAs T530 sprayed gold
T701 or T0701G12Alnico?As T652 resonance 40-50 celestion cone
T702 or T0702G12Alnico?As T701 but with top polls unpainted. no dope.
T703 or T0703G12Alnico?10 watt jennings as T530 but with G44 magnet assy
T721 or T0721G12Alnico8 OhmJennings (as T530 cone assy) G44 type loudspeaker with H1261 magnet
T727 or T0727G12Alnico15 OhmAs T530 but 15 Ohms
T731 or T0731G12Alnico15 OhmAs T658 but without cover, sprayed oyster hammer including magnet assy
T1007G12Alnico?As T530 sprayed oyster hammer
T1009G12Alnico15 OhmType G44 gap as T530, magnet as H1261
T1044G12Alnico8 OhmCone assy for T530
T1045G12Alnico15 OhmCone assy for T565
T1066G12Alnico4 OhmFitted with jennings cone assy, coil 63 turns, 33swg wire, sprayed silver
T1067G12Alnico15 Ohm12,000 gauss
T1070G12Alnico15 Ohmspecial housing SP85, special cone, foam edge, T530 cover, sprayed oyster
T1087G12Alnico?As T530, sprayed glossy black
T1088G12Alnico8 OhmAs T530, sprayed poly grey
T1089G12Alnico?As T530, sprayed dark grey
T1090G12Alnico?As T530, sprayed dark grey hammer
T1096G12Alnico15 OhmAs T1088 but 15 Ohms, jennings.
T1398G12Alnico15 OhmAs T1096, sprayed golden sand, celestion label
T1461G12Alnico8 Ohm14,000 gauss magnet assy, hawley cone, 41/833/001 (1" neck)
T1656G12Alnico8 OhmSA4322 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp, vox label
T1819G12Alnico8 OhmAs T1656 but 8 Ohms (T1088 type)
T1855G12Alnico8 OhmSA3422 coil, 650 cone
T1856G12Alnico8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP800 cone, SP773 tweeter
T1870G12Alnico15 OhmSP789 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp (as T1088 type)
T2056G12 L/SAlnico8 Ohmas T.1088 but without cover (Alcomax ring magnet)
T4427G12Alnico8 OhmBlue Bulldog 15w (reissue)
T4436G12Alnico16 OhmBlue Bulldog 15w (reissue)
T5471G12Alnico8 OhmGold Alnico Bulldog 50w
T5472G12Alnico16 OhmGold Alnico Bulldog 50w
T800-899G12CCeramicvariousG12C series loudspeakers
T1059G12CCeramic8 Ohm1" voice coil
T1060G12CCeramic8 OhmAs T1059 except rubber treated with 749/003 cone
T1073  G12LCeramic?fitted heavy cone, foam edge, ceramic magnet, 4.760 dia single layer coil
T1082G12LCeramic?fitted heavy cone, foam edge, standard coil & cap
T1134G12Ceramic10-12 Ohm50oz magnet, sprayed welvic down to first corrugators. Beryllium braid CX2012.
T1161G12Ceramic15 OhmH1777 cone (as T1134 but 15 Ohm)
T1164G12CCeramic8 OhmCeramic magnet,  13,000 gauss, darwin type 7956A 5"x5" 16 plates
T1174G12CCeramic15 OhmGuitar, ceramic magnet
T1175G12CCeramic15 OhmGuitar, SF 127 (light) magnet. Unsprayed.
T1206G12CCeramic?Medium loudspeaker fitted with studio 2012 cone assy
T1213?Ceramic8 OhmFor export to Vox/America
T1214?Ceramic15 OhmAs T1213 but 15 Ohm
T1217G12HCeramic15 OhmAs T1134 but with new type pressure housing. New 'H' range. (75Hz cone)
T1220G12MCeramic8 OhmCeramic magnet, plastic cover, golden sand, re-introduced in the 80's as "greenback"
T1220-67G12MCeramic8 OhmHeritage series G12M - 20 watt
T1221G12MCeramic15 OhmAs T1220 but 15 Ohm
T1221-67G12MCeramic16 OhmHeritage series G12M - 20 watt
T1225G12HCeramic15 Ohm?As T1217 but sprayed Jennings colour
T1234G12HCeramic8 OhmAs T1217 (75Hz) but 8 Ohm, Also - 8 Ohm Heritage G12H - 55Hz.
T1239G12MCeramic15 OhmSP444 cone, no rubber paint (doping) on surround. 60-70 c/s
T1252G12LCeramic12 Ohmlightweight. jennings 402 x 5" ceramic magnet. 9lbs poly grey, vox label
T1253G12MCeramic15 Ohmfitted CX1512 bass cone assy
T1254G12HCeramic15 Ohmfitted CX1521 bass cone assy, muller suspension, poly grey, vox label
T1257G12MCeramic15 Ohmfitted H1771 cone, muller linen surround
T1259G12HCeramic15 Ohmfitted with CX1512 bass cone
T1260G12MCeramic15 OhmH1777 cone, sprayed poly grey
T1268G12MCeramic8 Ohmjennings, fitted special plastic covers, poly grey housing and cover
T1269G12MCeramic8 Ohmjennings, fitted special plastic covers, poly grey housing and cover
T1277G12MCeramic15 Ohmstandard edge finish 65-70cs. Marshall name plate.
T1278G12HCeramic15 Ohmstandard edge finish 65-70c/s
T1279G12HCeramic8 Ohmjennings colour and vox name plate
T1281G12HCeramic15 Ohmwelvic edge, 50-60c/s, Marshall name plate. - Also Heritage G12H (55Hz - 16 Ohm).
T1304G12MCeramic8 Ohmsprayed poly grey (jennings)
T1313G12LCeramic12 Ohmstandard colour. DC voice coil. celestion label
T1319G12LCeramic8 Ohmjennings, poly grey, vox label
T1333G12MCeramic4 Ohmstandard colours, H1777 cone, fit cover, double wound 15-ohm coil
T1339G12SCeramic15 Ohmstandard colour, no label, CX1512 magnet, standard SP282 front plate
T1341G12HCeramic5-6 Ohm34 SWG copper, SP444 cone, edge not treated, one winding standard former
T1354G12SCeramic15 Ohmfitted rubber top surround. trimmed H1777 cone, standard coil
T1355G12SCeramic15 Ohmrubber surround and coil (Kurt Mueller) no cover. cone 277/G with surround SH276/1
T1358G12LCeramic8 Ohmfitted muller cone and rubber surround. fitted cover.
T1359G12LCeramic15 Ohmas T1358 but 15 Ohm
T1363G12HCeramic15 OhmStandard G12M cone assy (for organ) standard colour. Also Heritage G12H - 75hz
T1364G12HCeramic8 Ohmas T1363 but 8 Ohm - Also Heritage G12H - 75hz
T1365G12SCeramic15 Ohmstandard cone assy as G12M. spray jennings colour. no cover. CX1512 magnet assy
T1367G12SCeramic4 Ohmfitted rubber edge. CX1512 magnet assy. muller edge and cone, pressed housing
T1370G12SCeramic15 Ohmbass unit. CX1512 magnet. muller rubber edge and cone, pressed housing
T1380G12MCeramic?as T1220 fitted R/C cone. 80c/s approx fitted to avoid mid frequency cone breakup
T1384G12LCeramic15 Ohmstandard colours. golden sand and green cover.
T1385G12LCeramic8 Ohmas T1384 but 8 Ohm
T1386G12LCeramic4 Ohmas T1384 but 4 Ohm, VC2 layer doublewound 38.5 SWG
T1397G12LCeramic3-4 Ohmrubber edge, muller cone assy, standard colour, pressed chassis, no cover
T1407G12HCeramic6 Ohmsample
T1413G12HCeramic4 OhmMK2 coil. no cover. standard.
T1414G12HCeramic15 OhmMK2 coil. no cover. standard. (marked 16 Ohm)
T1415G12SCeramic4 OhmMK2 coil. no cover. standard.
T1416G12SCeramic8 OhmMK2 coil. no cover. standard.
T1417G12SCeramic15 OhmMK2 coil. no cover. standard. (marked 16 Ohm)
T1419G12SCeramic10 Ohmsprayed black, 10 Ohms, DC coil 12 Ohms. No cover.
T1421G12LCeramic8 Ohmstandard guitar cone assy. no cover. sprayed golden sand.
T1422G12SCeramic8 Ohmstandard guitar cone assy. no cover. sprayed golden sand.
T1423G12MCeramic8 Ohmstandard guitar cone assy. no cover. sprayed golden sand.
T1426G12SCeramic8 Ohmchassis sprayed black, SP444 cone
T1427G12HCeramic8 Ohmgolden sand, no cover, standard guitar cone assy
T1439G12MCeramic15 Ohmstandard colour, no cover, SP444 cone, 55-65 c/s, standard edge spray
T1440G12SCeramic15 Ohmstandard colour, SP444 cone, 55-65 c/s, welvic edge spray
T1446G12SCeramic8 Ohmfitted muller cone, rubber edge assy, SPA 650 magnet assy, CX1512, pressed housing
T1449G12SCeramic15 Ohmas T1440, fitted cover, edge finish changed to welvic
T1451G12SCeramic15 Ohmas T1417 with G12M sized cover
T1452G12MCeramic15 Ohmfitted G12H, jennings colours, cone assy & coil as T1225
T1453G12MCeramic8 Ohmfitted G12H, jennings colours, standard cover, cone assy & coil as T1279
T1454G12SCeramic8 Ohmcone assy as T1088, jennings colour chassis, standard cover
T1460G12HCeramic8 Ohmfitted SP444 cone, standard edge treatment
T1482G12HCeramic15 Ohm50 watt, nomex coil former, standard colours
T1488G12SCeramic8 Ohmstandard colours, fit cover
T1507G12SCeramic4 Ohm12,000 gauss magent (ceramic)
T1508G12SCeramic8 Ohm12,000 gauss magent (ceramic)
T1509G12SCeramic4 Ohm14,000 gauss magent (ceramic)
T1510G12SCeramic8 Ohm14,000 gauss magent (ceramic)
T1511G12MCeramic15 Ohmstandard colours, fitted SP444 cone, welvic
T1517G12SCeramic15 OhmH1777 cone, welvic edge, G12M covers
T1520G12HCeramic10 OhmSP444 cone, welvic, tweeter SP773
T1521G12HCeramic12 Ohmtweeter SP773
T1523G12SCeramic12 OhmSmooth - twin cone (tweeter SP773?), welvic doping.
T1531G12MCeramic8 Ohmtweeter SP773
T1532G12MCeramic15 Ohmtweeter SP773
T1533G12MCeramic15 Ohmtweeter SP733
T1534G12HCeramic15 OhmSP444 cone, welvic edge, standard colours
T1548G12LCeramic8 OhmH1777 cone, standard suspension
T1550G12MCeramic8 OhmSP444 cone, standard edge finish and standard suspension
T1551G12LCeramic4 Ohmstandard colours, muller cone and rubber edge, fit cover
T1552G12SCeramic4 Ohmmuller cone and rubber edge, no cover
T1553G12MCeramic4 Ohmmuller cone and rubber edge, fit cover
T1556G12SCeramic15 Ohmfit cone SP129, susp SP651, no cover
T1580G12MCeramic8 OhmSP444 cone, welvic edge as G12H, standard colours plus cover
T1586G12MCeramic8 Ohmrenumbered T1220
T1594G12HCeramic15 Ohmtwin cone, H1777 cone, welvic edge, 50 watts.
T1613G12MCeramic4 OhmSP582 voice coil with H1777 cone
T1614G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3422 voice coil, H1777 cone, SP417 suspension, spray cone edge - use with T1586
T1625G12HCeramic4 Ohmlead guitar, SP825 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 suspension
T1626G12HCeramic4 Ohm
T1632G12LCeramic8 Ohmstandard colour, H1777 cone, SP4127 suspension, fit cover
T1644G12HCeramic4 OhmSP650 cone, SP773 tweeter, muller rubber edge
T1645G12HCeramic8 OhmSP650 cone, SP773 tweeter, muller rubber edge
T1646G12HCeramic15 OhmSP650 cone, SP773 tweeter, muller rubber edge
T1647G12HCeramic4 OhmH1777 cone and SP773 tweeter
T1648G12HCeramic8 OhmH1777 cone and SP773 tweeter
T1649G12HCeramic15 OhmH1777 cone and SP773 tweeter
T1657G12SCeramic12 OhmSP789 coil, SP650 cone, SP651 suspension
T1673G12MCeramic8 OhmH1777 cone with tweeter
T1692G12LCeramic4 Ohm582 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp, fit cover
T1695G12HCeramic8 OhmSP800 cone, SP773 tweeter, (as T1521 but 8 Ohms)
T1722G12HCeramic12 OhmSP44 cone, fitted SP1210 rear label
T1727G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP650 cone, SP651 suspension, rubber edge
T1759G12HCeramic15 OhmSP800 cone, SP651 susp
T1760G12HCeramic8 OhmAs T1759 but 8 Ohms
T1761G12MCeramic15 OhmSP444 cone, SP773 tweeter
T1766G12LCeramic15 OhmSP444 cone, fit cover
T1773G12SCeramic8 OhmSP129 Hawley cone, SP651 susp, fit cover
T1779G12SCeramic?SP129 Hawley cone, SP651 susp
T1786G12MCeramic15 OhmSA4323 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp
T1787G12HCeramic15 OhmSA4323 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp ('H' version of T1786)
T1793G12MCeramic8 OhmSP444 cone, welvic edge as G12H
T1796G12HCeramic?chassis with mag assy and covers
T1798G12SCeramic15 OhmSP789 coil, SP800 cone, SP651 susp, As T1523 but 15 Ohms, fitted G12M cones
T1799G12SCeramic12 OhmSP444 cone, welvic as G12H, SP789 coil
T1861G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone
T1862G12HCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp
T1868G12SCeramic15 OhmSP789 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp
T1869G12MCeramic15 OhmSP789 coil, H1777 cone, SP417 susp
T1871G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone, SP651 susp, res 50 max to match Jensen 1 1/2" coil
T1872G12MCeramic8 OhmAs T1871 but with ali dust dome
T1873G12HCeramic15 Ohm3423 coil, H1777 cone, 417 susp, no cover
T1885G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, pulsonic 102/030 cone, SP651 susp. Marshall
T1886G12HCeramic15 OhmSP789 coil, pulsonic 102/030 cone, SP651 susp. Marshall
T1901G12MCeramic8 OhmSA3423 coil, 102/030 cone, SP651 susp, SP773 tweeter
T1902G12HCeramic15 OhmSA3423 coil, 102/030 cone, SP651 susp, SP773 tweeter
T1903G12HCeramic15 OhmSA3423 coil, 102/030 cone, SP651 susp,
T1922G12LCeramic15 Ohm3423 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp, fit cover
T1923G12LCeramic15 Ohm3423 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp, SP773 tweeter, fit cover
T1925G12MCeramic15 Ohm3423 coil, SP444 cone, SP651 susp, SP773 tweeter
T1927G10Ceramic15 OhmPulsonic 1124/5 stamp - used in Marshall PA cabs.
T1929G12HCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone, SP615 susp
T1954G12HCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp, SP773 tweeter
T1966G12LCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp,
T1967G12LCeramic8 OhmSA3422 coil, SP444 cone, SP417 susp, SP773 tweeter
T1969G12HCeramic12 Ohmtwin cone, trimmed 102 003, cambric surround. watkins.
T1970G12HCeramic12 Ohmtrimmed 102 003, cambric surround. watkins.
T1971G12MCeramic12 Ohmtwin cone, trimmed 102 003, cambric surround.
T1975G12HCeramic8 Ohmvoice coil SA3422, cone SA1030, fitted twin cone GP773
T1976G12HCeramic15 Ohmvoice coil SA3423, cone H1777, susp 651, with ali dust dome
T1977G12MCeramic15 Ohmvoice coil SA3423, SP444 cone with ali dust dome
T1981G12MCeramic15 Ohmvoice coil SA3423, cone 1321, trimmed 103/003, SP651, cambric surround
T1988G12HCeramic6 Ohmvoice coil SA3940, cone SA1042, cambric edge, SP1284 twin cone. Watkins.
T1990G12HCeramic8 Ohmvoice coil SA3422, cone SP444 twin cone
T2114G12MCeramic8 Ohmlead cone, ali dust cap
T2115G12HCeramic8 Ohmlead cone, ali dust cap
T2168G12MCeramic16 OhmAs T1221 but without plastic cover
T2236G12/50Ceramic15 Ohm50w, H magnet, yellow frame, 75c/s
T2238G12/50Ceramic8 Ohm50w, H magnet, yellow frame, cone stamp - 1973, ali dust cap, 75c/s
T2239G12/50Ceramic15 Ohm50w, H magnet, yellow frame, cone stamp - 1975, ali dust cap, 75c/s
T2241G12/50Ceramic8 Ohm50w, H magnet, yellow frame, 40 c/s
T2245G12/50Ceramic15 Ohm50w, H magnet, yellow frame, 40 c/s, twin cone
T2298Powercel 12/100Ceramic8 Ohm1105 cone
T2305G12SCeramic16 Ohm
T2324G12/50Ceramic8 Ohm2" coil - Red frame with silverdust cap - Marshall Powercell?
T2328G12HCeramic8 OhmSmooth twin cone - 40Hz resonance
T2570G12/75Ceramic8 OhmWhite coloured dust cap
T2571G12/75Ceramic8 Ohm
T2633G12MCeramic16 Ohmcone stamp 444, with bass spider, 25 Watts,  55c/s, ali dust cap
T2684G12/50MCeramic8 Ohm50w, cone stamp - 1975
T2774G10-50Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - x129x
T2839G12-65Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 444
T2840G12-65Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 1777, ali dustcap
T2868G12-65Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 1777
T2871G12-80Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 444, silver dust cap
T2874G12-80Ceramic8 Ohmsmooth cone with 4 ridge bass spider. cone stamp - 3609
T2876G12-80Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Marshall label
T2880G12-80Ceramic16 Ohmsmooth cone??? - Celestion label
T2866G12-65Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 444. White dust cap (not alu)
T2963G12-30Ceramic8 Ohm
T2964G12-30Ceramic16 Ohm
T2975G12-125Ceramic8 Ohm125W - cloth edge - 2643 smooth cone - found in Marshall 2150 combo.
T2976G12-50Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 2712 (as T2968 but 8 Ohm)
T2968G12-50Ceramic15 Ohmlater renamed the G12S-50 - sensitivity 98dB (1W at 1m), 50W, frequency 80-5000Hz. 2712 cone.
T3032G12-50Ceramic8 Ohm
T3045G12-80Ceramic15 Ohm444 cone
T3053G12-65Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 1777, 85 c/s (as T3054 but 8 Ohm) - Also Heritage G12-65
T3054G12-65Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 1777, 85 c/s. Also Heritage G12-65
T3055G12-80Ceramic8 Ohm80w, cone stamp - 1777
T3056G12-80Ceramic15 Ohmas T3055 but 15 Ohm
T3057G12-100Ceramic8 Ohm
T3058G12-100Ceramic15 Ohm
T3059G12-100Ceramic8 Ohm4 ridge spider
T3062G12-65Ceramic8 Ohmtwin cone
T3063G12-65Ceramic16 Ohmtwin cone - 3609 stamp
T3101G12-65Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 444
T3103G12-80Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Celestion label
T3120G12-65Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 1777, marshall label
T3136?Ceramic?cone stamp - 2712
T3231G12-80Ceramic8 OhmSmooth cone - 3609, silver dust cap
T3227G12-65Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 1777
T3249G12-80Ceramic16 OhmLarge dust cap, 1105 cone, 4 ridge spider - Marshall designated
T3263G12-80Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Celestion label
T3271G12-65Ceramic8 Ohm1777 cone, Alu dust cap
T3281G12-30Ceramic4 Ohm
T3317G12-30Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3319G12-30Ceramic15 Ohm
T3325G12-30Ceramic15 OhmLight magnet, ribbed 2302 cone with tweeter 2715
T3351G12-80Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Celestion label
T3517G12S-50Ceramic4 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3520G12/50Ceramic15 Ohm
T3535G10D25Ceramic8 Ohm
T3552G10D25Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 8401
T3554G10L35Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 4475
T3562G12L-35Ceramic16 Ohm4335 cone
T3565G12L-35Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 4335
T3566G12S-50Ceramic4 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3567G12S-50Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3568G12S-50Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3570G12S-50Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 2802
T3576G12M-70Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3577G12M-70Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 2712
T3582G12M-70Ceramic8 Ohmdual cone
T3585G12K-100Ceramic8 Ohm
T3586G12K-85Ceramic15 Ohm1777 cone
T3588G12K-85Ceramic8 Ohm
T3593G12H-100Ceramic4 Ohm1777 cone
T3594G12H-100Ceramic8 Ohm6402 / 1777 cone
T3595G12H-100Ceramic16 Ohm1777 cone
T3598G12H-100Ceramic16 Ohm3609 cone
T3601G12H-100Ceramic16 Ohm
T3604G12C-125Ceramic15 Ohm
T3612G12-80Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 1777
T3754G12H-100Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 1777
T3760G12T-75Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 1777
T3771S12-150Ceramic8 OhmSidewinder (lead), cast chassis, paper edge
T3772S12-150Ceramic16 OhmSidewinder (lead) , cast chassis, paper edge
T3781G12T-75Ceramic8 Ohm
T3833G12C-30Ceramic8 Ohm
T3865S12-150Ceramic8 OhmSidewinder (bass), 150w, cast chassis, cloth edge
T3866S12-150Ceramic16 OhmSidewinder (bass), 150w, cast chassis, cloth edge, 6558 cone
T3896G12VCeramic8 OhmVintage 30, Marshall label, 70w, 444 cone
T3897G12VCeramic16 OhmVintage 30, Marshall label, 70w, 444 cone
T3903Vintage 30Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 444 (standard specification)
T3904Vintage 30Ceramic15 Ohmcone stamp - 444 (standard specification)
T3947G12T-75Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 444
T3969G12-80Ceramic8 OhmClassic Lead - 80w - cone stamp - 1777
T3978G12-80Ceramic16 OhmClassic Lead - cone stamp - 1777
T3979G12M-70Ceramic16 Ohm
T3987Vintage 30Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Marshall OEM (known to be a little brighter than the standard V30)
T3989G12-80Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 1777 - Mesa label
T4142G12B150Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 3195 or 7293
T4159G12-100Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 6559
T4272V12-60Ceramic8 Ohm
T4297Vintage 30Ceramic16 Ohm
T4335Vintage 30Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Old original spec - now Mesa OEM
T4354G12TCeramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 7293
T4361S12-150Ceramic8 OhmSidewinder (lead), 150w, pressed steel chassis, paper edge
T4362S12-150Ceramic8 OhmSidewinder (lead), 150w, pressed steel chassis, paper edge
T4416Vintage 30Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 444 - Old original spec - now Mesa OEM
T4427Alnico Blue ReissueAlnico8 Ohmcone stamp - 53H1777
T4436Alnico Blue ReissueAlnico16 Ohmcone stamp - 53H1777
T4437G12MCeramic8 OhmGreenback designed for Vox
T4438G12MCeramic5.3 OhmG12M Greenback
T4469G12T-85Ceramic8 OhmRiviera, 1777 cone
T4532G12L-25Ceramic?"70th anniversary" - 6402 cone
T4533G12HCeramic8 Ohm"70th anniversary" G12H
T4534G12HCeramic16 Ohm"70th anniversary" G12H
T4612G12 HeritageCeramic16 OhmMarshall. 8553 cone.
T4661G12 HeritageCeramic8 Ohm8553 cone
T4772V12-60 Silver SeriesCeramic8 Ohm8553 cone
T4774V12-80Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 8553
T4775V12-80 Silver SeriesCeramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 8553
T4830V10-60Ceramic16 Ohmcone 1129 53
T5113G12H-80Ceramic8 Ohm"Marshall Wolverine" Model WH-80-8
T5116G12-80 Black ShadowCeramic16 Ohmcone stamp -1777
T5117G12T-100Ceramic4 Ohm"Hot 100" (as T5155)
T5155G12T-100Ceramic4 Ohm"Hot 100"
T5156G12T-100Ceramic8 Ohm"Hot 100"
T5157G12T-100Ceramic16 Ohm"Hot 100"
T5173G12 seventy 80Ceramic8 Ohm98553 cone
T5195G12-30MGCeramic8 Ohm
T5226G12/100-AVTCeramic8 Ohmcone stamp - C12111127
T5266G12H90Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 9855
T5291G12H-90Ceramic8 OhmLine 6, 9855 cone
T5318G12H-90Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 5.35.03
T5321G12 Vintage MFCeramic16 OhmCustom designed for use in Marshall MF series cabs. G12-CV60. xxx-444 cone
T5338G12P-80Ceramic16 Ohm"Seventy 80"
T5347G12 CenturyCeramic8 Ohm60w - G12 Century Vintage
T5348G12 CenturyCeramic16 Ohm60w - G12 Century Vintage
T5465G12CCeramic Marshall label - Super 100JH cabinet.
T5473G12N-65Ceramic8 Ohm
T5475G12CCeramic16 OhmMarshall label, 53H1777, Vintage Modern Cabinet.
T5485G12C20Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 53H1777
T5489RELIC 30Ceramic16 OhmC38-444 cone
T5492G12P-80Ceramic16 Ohm"Seventy 80" cone stamp - 2 11 075
T5601G12H-100Ceramic16 Ohm1777 cone
T5603G12 70/80Ceramic16 Ohm"Seventy 80"
T5605G12 70/80Ceramic8 Ohm"Seventy 80"
T5606Rocket 50Ceramic8 Ohm"Rocket 50"
T5610Rocket 50Ceramic16 Ohm"Rocket 50"
T5651G12T66Ceramic16 Ohm
T5658G12 EVHCeramic8 Ohm20w
T5668G12M25 EVHCeramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 11914
T5670G12 EVHCeramic16 Ohm20w, cone stamp - R13 11914
T5731G12V-30Ceramic16 Ohm Dave Mustaine model
T5732G12NVCeramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 6 34 093
T5740Egnator Elite 100Ceramic16 Ohm
T5743G10F15Ceramic16 Ohmcone stamp - 5 29 107
T5791G12-65 Super 65Ceramic8 Ohmcone stamp - 30 1777
T5797G12 50GLCeramic8 Ohm50w "Lynchback"
T5864G12M-65Ceramic8 Ohm65 watt Creamback
T5871G12M-65Ceramic16 Ohm65 watt Creamback, cone stamp - x25 11914
T5890G12H-75Ceramic8 Ohm75 watt Creamback
T5891G12H-75Ceramic16 Ohm75 watt Creamback, cone stamp - R13 11914
T5901G12 V-typeCeramic8 Ohm70 watt, cone stamp - 3 25 136
T5906G12 V-typeCeramic16 Ohm70 watt
T5924G12-35XCCeramic8 Ohm35 watt - "Pulsonic"
T5937G12H-EVHCeramic16 Ohm
T5977G12 NEOCeramic16 Ohmcone stamp - H26 41911


  1. Gisbert
    October 28, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    T3271 – G12-65, 8 Ohm, 1777 cone, Alu dust cap, 1982

    • Brian Harding
      October 29, 2018 / 11:49 am

      Hi, thanks for the info. It has been added to the list.

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