Vintage Marshall Gear For Sale

Vintage Marshall gear for sale on right now. The feed updates automatically so be sure to check back regularly to catch the best bargains.

WARNING! Currently, there are several fake vintage Marshall amps and speaker cabinets for sale on Unfortunately I have no way to filter these out, and Reverb do not seem to care about removing fake items or dishonest dealers from their website.

Please be very careful. Make sure you really know what you are looking at before deciding to buy. My two articles: How to spot fake Celestion speakers and How to spot fake vintage Marshall gear should help identify these items.

Added 29th Jan 2023

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Early Years – 1962 to 1965

Pinstripe Era – 1966 to 1967

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can perform your own search here:

Basketweave Era – 1968 to 1971

Checkerboard Era – 1972 to 1975

Small Check / Black Grill Era – 1976 to 1980